How do I create a location in my 120Water Account?

This article explains how to upload locations one by one.

Location records are the center of your 120Water universe, and as such, they are the first data set you’ll need to upload into your account. This article will cover how you can add your Location records to your account, one by one.

If you'd like to bulk import your locations, visit this Help Center article for instructions. 

Creating a Single Location Record

We recommend this method when adding less than 100 locations at once.


If you'd prefer to review a step by step guide in addition to the video above, click the "Get Started" button below. You can expand the guide and open it in another browser tab by clicking the Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 6.58.38 AMicon beneath the "Get Started" button. 

Note: Since 120Water is used for a variety of water programs, a service line is not automatically created once a location is created. For further instructions on how to add the service line, follow these steps

💡120Water Pro Tips:

We've mentioned that the address is required and must be in a valid format to prevent errors. 

However, if you have the information available, you can enter the data for:
  • LCR Tier
  • Property Classification
  • Parcel Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Disadvantaged Neighborhood

We recommend capturing as many location details as you can up front, but understand that isn't always possible. Locations can be edited at any time and will always be a work in progress! 

If you need to remove a location, contact This is not something you can complete on your own. We are happy to assist you!