120Water Changelog

New updates and improvements to the 120Water Platform


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

State Mapping Tool Rollout 

  • We released the State Mapping tool for VA, NC, AL, OH, ID, WY, NM, FL, ME, IN, GA, RI, and DE. Customers in these states can now export their inventory from the State Reporting page into their respective state templates.

New Fields in Sampling Kit Export

  • We added the following fields to the Kit Export in PWS to help users gather more information from their account: mailing address line 2, city (mailing address), state (mailing address), zip code (mailing address), alternative mailing address line 1, alternative mailing address line 2, alternative city, alternative state, alternative zip.

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • When sending a letter with a special character like “>” in the copy, our system would occasionally leave those out when sending the etters. After some investigation and patching, this is now working as expected.


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

State Mapping Tool Rollout 

  • We released the State Mapping tool for NC, CA, WA, and TX. Customers in these states can now export their inventory from the State Reporting page into their respective state templates.

Improvements for PWS Customers Submitting Inventories to States Directly in 120Water

  • We added guardrails for our wizard users to ensure they can’t submit their inventory to State Dashboard unless they have at least one valid service line.

  • Additional error messaging now pops up for states that do not have inventory submission enabled. This will help provide clarity for customers as they work through their submission process.

  • We added data validation on the submission modal for Arizona users. This will ensure users will know what’s required for submission. Accurate and complete inventories are as HOT as the Arizona heat!

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • Google Autofill would sometimes get carried away with itself on the locations details page in PWS. We’ve tamed it so it won’t autofill information into the location notes field anymore!


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Training Resources for Georgia Water Systems

  • We added a handful of guidance documents to the “Resources” section for our Georgia users. This gives users valuable training resources to help them build their inventory, all within the 120Water platform!

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • We had a customer report an issue with the Letter Log in our communications module. Nothing happened when multiple communications were selected and the download option was clicked. BOO! In the past, this would produce a zip file with the selected letters as PDFs. This issue has been resolved.


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Eliminating Unnecessary Clicks, Copying, & Pasting

  • Previously, when a user selected single ownership on a service line, they were required to mark the inactive side of the line as N/A manually. Now, when a service line is marked as single ownership, the other side of the service line is automatically marked as N/A. 
  • Similarly, when a service line material is marked as "unknown", we now default the Material Classification field to N/A and the Lead Ban date to known, saving time for our users!

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • When looking at inventory in PWS, the map view wasn't updating in a reasonable amount of time after changes were made to the data. We scrubbed this process and now these updates appear on the map in real time. 
  • Searching for an address on the Public Transparency Dashboard was having some issues. We investigated and have resolved these issues. Search away!


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Improvements for PWS Customers Submitting Inventories to States Directly in 120Water

  • With our new submission guardrails rules for inventory submissions, users will now see improved informational messages on when you can/cannot submit to the State.
  • On the State Reporting page, you can now see your submission status from the deadline tracker card.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance for loading inventory lists

  • Improvements to bulk communications to ensure a high volume is successful

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • A scrollbar in PWS was appearing randomly. We have resolved this issue.
  • Some customers mentioned that the grouping circles on PTD were showing Lead being present in an area, but once zoomed in, there was no lead to be found. Confusing! Now with this fix, PTD grouping circles now accurately represent data underneath.


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Submission Guardrails for PWS Customers Submitting Inventories to States Directly in 120Water

  • To make accepting submissions from PWS in State Portal, we have implemented some technical guardrails on the submission process to keep everyone in check. These guardrails will make sure that utilities will only have one open or accepted submission inside of a submission period. They will help us ensure that the submission process is easy to manage on the state side, and clear on expectations for the utility users.
  • The following rules have been implemented as apart of these guardrails:
  • If a PWS account has not submitted to State Portal in the submission period, they can do so at anytime while the submission period is active.
  • If a PWS account has previously submitted to State Portal in the submission period, and the previous submission status is…
    • Rejected/Voided
      • The Utility can resubmit their Inventory from PWS.
    • Submitted/In Review
      • The Utility is not able to submit another Inventory Submission while a previous submission is submitted to or in review by State users.
      • The Utility must contact the State Primacy Agency to void/reject the previous submission, so they can then resubmit from PWS.
    • Accepted
      • The Utility is marked “complete” for the submission period and cannot submit again.
      • The Utility should reach out to the State Primacy Agency with any issues/questions regarding the previously accepted submission. But generally, your work here is done!

Enhanced Validation on State Reporting Tab for PWS Customers Submitting Inventories to States Directly in 120Water

  • Now when viewing the State Reporting tab for State PWS users, the fields that are required for submission are now highlighted with a red asterisk. Fields that are conditionally required are marked with double asterisk, and a key has been added below the table to keep those definitions clear. 

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • When viewing the grouping circles on the Public Transparency Dashboard from a zoomed out view, the colors of the circle didn't represent what was underneath. After some coaxing and self-care, these circles better represent what type of lines are under their area.


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Select All on Inventory Table

  • To make sending communications and assigning programs for Inventory easy peasy, we have created a new “Select all” functionality that allows you to bulk-select all inventory on the table to complete those actions.
  • To use this functionality:
    • Navigate to the Inventory page in PWS
    • Select a view or filter on the table (optional)
    • Flip the “Select All” toggle at the top of the table
    • Choose to Send Communication or Assign to Program
    • Watch the system send communications or migrate inventory to a program, voila! 

      Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 1.34.26 PM

Improved Validation Messaging For State Users in PWS

  • When finalizing your inventory to submit for State PWS users, you can now see a few helpful changes before submitting, including…

    • The “invalid” error message & error cell on the table in the State Reporting Tab

      Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 12.02.06 PM

  • Some users let us know that it wasn't clear that attachments added to service lines in the platform will also be submitted to the state with your submission. To make this more clear, we added some helper text to the Attachments modal during submission to inform the users of this automation.

Communications Improvements

  • To wrap up our Inventory Communications workflow, we have added the ability to bulk-download individual letters from the Letter Log in PWS!
  • We found some interface issues with the new flow to create a letter template that caused some confusion. After some investigation and quick thinking, we have a better experience for this flow and users should be delighted to create new letter templates in PWS! 

Quality of Life Improvements

  • We noticed the load time for tables in the platform were taking longer than normal. After some reworking of the way this data flows in, the loading time should be much shorter for this now!
  • Some of our modals were being cut off and users were not able to easily navigate the system. With some magic, we've now made these the correct size permanently. 
  • Improvements to our search functionality to improve search results.


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Letter Log

  • With our new Letter Log page for PWS Communications, users can now see an itemized list of all letters sent or generated by 120Water.
  • Paired with our new Bulk Downloads page, this functionality will allow users to granularly search, find, and export the communications they need. Can we say audit ready?! Let's go!

Help Center in PWS 

  • To help users better understand how to use and navigate our PWS platform, we have launched a Help Center filled with documentation to help our users. To make this easier to access, you can now see the Help Center as a clickable option when clicking the “question mark” button in PWS! 


Inventory Communications Guardrails

  • When attempting to send an Inventory Communication letter, you are required to have an “Inventory Communication” or “Company Letterhead” template already created to send to your locations. Now if these templates are missing, the user sees an error message directing the user to create a compatible letter template.

Improvements to Navigating the Inventory Table

  • After hearing some feedback that our data tables in PWS can be hard to navigate, we have implemented a new pagination pattern to make these tables easier to manage! The new pagination allows you to see which page you’re on, jump to last or first page, and navigate to any page in-between with ease!
  • Now when exporting Inventory from PWS, you will now see a new column for the “EPA Classification!” This will help our users easily see the risky assets in their inventory from their 120Water export.

Changed Default Inventory View to List View

  • To save clicks when loading “Inventory” in PWS, we have made the list view the default over the map view.

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • When importing locations to PWS, there sometimes would be an error for case-sensitive values. Case-sensitivity isn't a concern of our customers or the EPA, so we have removed these errors and now accept values based on their characters, not the case sensitivity.
  • Sometimes when importing data through our combined import process in PWS, the UI wouldn't show the classification basis that was uploaded, but it would save on the backend. We've addressed this, and now these values will show up in the platform as expected.


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

State Approved Values

  • We've incorporated state specific approved values for property classification, material classification basis, and validation method.
  • This well help ensure utilities are submitting data in the desired format as requested by your primacy agency. 

Letter Log

  • The letter log adds even more detail to the historical audit log.
  • The letter log itemizes letter sends across your account into one place, including letters sent in a batch. This will help users easily locate and export any individual letters from the platform to provide to their regulator. 

Enhanced Inventory Filtering

  • To make visually filtering your Inventory more flexible, we have included the ability to filter the Inventory Map in PWS by EPA Category.
  • To make sharing information to other 120Water users easier, we have created the ability to share filters through a URL in PWS. Want to filter your inventory down to the “Lead” category and share with your partner? Easily copy the URL and those filters will be applied in view automagically (yes, this is a word)! 

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • When using the Location import, there would occasionally be a case-sensitive error that blocked users from updating their data. Silly right? We made some changes so this wont be an issue going forward.
  • When resetting your password in PWS, the modal kept the password requirements a secret. Secret secrets are no fun, so now they are visible for everyone!


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Bulk Downloads for Communications 
  • To help our users locate and download historical batches of letters sent from the 120Water platform, we have created a new view for our communications users. 
  • Under the Communications tab in PWS, you will notice a new tab for “Bulk Downloads”
  • In this view, you can see all of the letters that were sent to multiple locations from the 120Water platform in one place.
  • Easily view, search, filter, and download these historical files to find exactly the data you need and send it to the right people as needed.
  • In PWS, we have added a new column to the Inventory List table that shows a timestamp for “Last Communication Sent.” This improvement also includes this field as a filter, and included in the Inventory export by default. 

  • We have increased our password length requirement from 8 characters to 10 to ensure compliance with any and all state specific password requirements. 

    🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • Exporting your inventory from PWS would occasionally leave the customer-owned basis of material classification behind, which could cause huge issues! We quickly found the root of this issue and resolved it, all data will now be included in these exports! 


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Inventory Letter Template 

  • Now in PWS, you can create a new letter template type called “Inventory Letter” that is not related to a program/event.

  • This is a placeholder template for now with basic text to inform the consumer that their service line has been categorized as Lead, Galvanized requiring replacement, or Unknown.

  • Template will be updated once EPA has finalized the LCRI requirements for this letter. User can customize as needed.

Send Communications from Inventory 

  • Now from the Inventory page in PWS, users can multi-select inventory listings to send a communication right from this page.

  • This will allow our customers to stay in compliance with the 30-day notification requirement from LCRR.

  • With this feature, users can choose to have 120Water send their letters, or to download the letters and send themselves.

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • When using the bulk import feature in PWS, occasionally the timezone and PWS type fields would disappear. We took the time to make sure these will always be present in the system post-import with our fix. 


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

New Communications Modal 

  • As a part of our Inventory Communications feature, we have made some changes to how letter templates can be created in PWS. With this change, “Company Letterhead” templates can be created without a program or event associated.
  • “Results Letter” templates can be created and use the same flow as previously to add the program + event to the template as its created.
  • We also have a new template type called “Inventory Letter” - this will be available after the finalization of LCRI and the requirements for this letter’s content are solidified. 

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • We got some reports that the Program and Event names were not populating in the Samples exports. With some self-care and a pep talk, this export is working as expected now.

  • Emails for when Facilities Sampling Plans are complete were providing broken URLs for users. After our changes, all of these URLs are properly working. 

  • Exporting from Inventory in PWS wouldnt work as expected if you had a filter applied on the table.  Now you can export no matter whats applied to the table!


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • To keep platform security air tight, we have introduced MFA into our authentication suite. With this feature enabled, users will be required to use an Authenticator App (i.e. 1Password, Google Authenticator, Salesforce Auth, etc.) to provide a numeric code that will verify their identity before logging in.

  • Users can use their Authenticator app to scan the QR code or select to get the code manually by clicking “Trouble Scanning?”

  • If you are interested in utilizing MFA, please contact your 120Water representative to have them enable it for your account. 

Inventory at a Glance

  • When looking over inventory in PWS, users are visually stuck with the data table to understand their inventory makeup. To make this easier to digest, we added a visual breakdown of the inventory makeup to the top of the page! We hope this will allow our users to better get an understanding of their inventory at a glance.

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • Sometimes when importing data to PWS, the invalid and valid row cards would play hide-and-seek with us, how annoying. We found their hiding spot, won the game, and made sure these cards will stay put from now on. 

  • When managing Activities on a Location in PWS, sometimes the error messages were wonky or inaccurate. With some investigation and improvement, we have made these errors more clear and helpful! 


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Session Timeout 

  • To keep our platform secure, we have implemented a basic session timeout function that will ensure that our user’s don’t leave sensitive data accessible from their account. With this change, users will be forced to re-login to the 120Water platform every 8 hours, to ensure tight security of data access and our platform. 

Import Flow Improvements

  • When importing data into PWS, the import flow was confusing users by using the wording “apply” didn't make it clear what is happening in the workflow. To make this more clear from user feedback, we have changed this flow to now read “Complete Import,” for clarity for our users.
  • After receiving feedback that the user experience of navigating tables could be improved,  all tables in PWS now have sticky headers, and sticky horizontal/vertical scroll bars to help our users easily navigate their data in 120Water.

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • When toggling the “Consumer Notice Sent” toggle on a location in PWS, the system would allow you to save the details without adding a date of when the notice was sent. Not ideal. We made a quick change so now users will be forced to add the sent date along with enabling the toggle, to make sure all the important info is being collected.


✨ New Features & Improvements ✨

Name Service Line Portions in Public Transparency Dashboard (PTD)

  • On the Public Transparency Dashboard, we have the ability to see both the System-Owned and Customer-Owned portions of the service line in the map. We have found that these names of the service line portions don't always fit for a particular PWS or State due to their unique regulations.
  • Now in the PWS app, you can set the names for the portions of the service line that best fit your needs, and it will replace the default “system-owned” and “customer-owned” names on the page!

Export Improvements

  • To make programs and events more clear in our data exports, we have added the Program and Event Names to the samples exports!

Assets/Communications Improvements

  • Now when you select the “Consumer Notice Sent?” toggle on a Service Line Asset in PWS, the “Sent On” date field is required, so that users will make sure to add this important data to the asset to help them track notices down the line.

🐛 Squashed Bugs 🐛

  • We fixed an issue with our logout functionality where clicking the back button after logging out would take you back into the application, without logging in. We found the root of the issue after some investigation, and this behavior is no longer happening! 

  • Read-only users in PWS had a loophole in the application where they could see and click on some editing actions for Inventory. Now these users are really stuck to reading only.