How to Update Ownership Details When All Sides of the Service Line are Utility Owned

No customer-owned portion of your service lines? No problem.

If your utility owns the full service line for all locations, with no customer-owned portion, there's a way to adjust the platform settings to reflect this. Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the specific service line record you need to update.
  2. Locate the "Ownership" field near the top of the page. This will likely be defaulted to "Split Ownership."
  3. Click on the dropdown menu for the Ownership field and select the "System-Owned" option.
  4. Once you've selected System-Owned and saved the record, the customer-owned side details will update to "N/A - Single Ownership."

From this point forward, you'll only need to manage the system-owned side line details like material type, verification status, etc. The customer-owned fields will remain non-applicable.

It's important to make this ownership adjustment for any service lines where your utility is responsible for both sides of the line. This ensures your inventory accurately represents the actual ownership situation.

Repeat these steps for each individual service line record at locations with system-owned lines. The platform is designed to handle split or single ownership scenarios.