Why does my import have errors?

This article will help troubleshoot issues that you might be having related to importing locations & service lines.

Important Items to Note:
  • It's critical that you do not edit the column headers on the 120Water template. This will cause your import to fail. 
  • Not all columns are required fields. If you do not have information for an optional field, we recommend leaving it blank to reduce errors. 
  • It's also important to follow the guidelines listed in the 120Water Template Documentation. This may look daunting, but only focus on the fields you are working to complete such as address and material classification. That makes it more digestable. You'll need to make sure your data is entered exactly as prescribed in this guidance to reduce errors. 
  • Ensure your file name is short and sweet. Longer file names can sometimes cause issues with the import process. 
  • Try not to use all capital letters when filling in your template. Fields can be case sensitive. 
  • Import warnings can generally be disregarded because they are simply highlighting blank fields and will not cause your import to fail. 

Common Errors:

  • Ensure that your address is not missing any components. It needs to be a verifiable address. Ensure the address is split into components such as street address line 1, city, state, and zip code are filled out accurately and in accordance with your Template Documentation. 

Example: Make sure 123 Main Street is contained within Street Address 1 and not spilt up (i.e. 123 under Street Address 1 and Main Street under Street Address 2

  • If adding a value to the Year Built field, ensure that it is the four digit year or date. Inputting "98" or a value of "1" will cause the import to fail. 
  • If you have two locations or service lines with the same address, you'll need to specify if they have different external location ID's or 120Water ID's. This will help with the address verification process and ensure data is mapped correctly. 
  • Ensure that you follow the 120Water Template Documentation when completing all fields, but pay extra special attention when adding your material classification types. For example, PVC is not an acceptable value. It must read Non-Lead - PVC, which is listed as the SelectionValue in our documentation. Ensuring you are following our documentation will set your import up for success.