What are the different service line status definitions?

Clearly define the status of your service lines with this glossary

As you build and manage your service line inventory and manage your replacement program in the 120Water software, you'll see different status labels applied to each line. Understanding what these status definitions mean is important for accurately categorizing lines and knowing what actions may be required.

Here is an overview of the various service line statuses you may encounter:


  • A line designated as "In-Service" is currently active - it is installed in the ground and serving water to that location. These are standard active service lines.


  • The "Out-of-Service" status indicates a line that is installed in the ground, but not currently serving water to the location. However, it may be brought back into service in the future if needed.


  • An "Abandoned" line is installed but not serving water, and there are no plans to reactivate service through that line in the foreseeable future. However, it remains physically present in the ground.


  • When a line has the "Removed" status, it means the line has been fully extracted from the ground, with no line put back in its place after removal.


  • Similar to Removed, a "Replaced" line is one that has been taken out of the ground. However, the key difference is a new line has been installed to replace the removed line and continue service.

If a line is marked as replaced, we interpret that as the line is now out of the ground and there are no more actions to take on it since it has been removed. We recommend then creating a new service line for the new pipe that was installed, and making that new line "in service". This provides history of the service lines for your location.


  • If a line is "Stubbed", it means the line exists in the ground, but does not continue all the way through to serve the location. Some type of physical intervention would be required to complete the line and activate service.

Whether verifying existing records or adding new data, using these service line statuses correctly is crucial for building an accurate, up-to-date inventory. The 120Water platform allows you to easily update and annotate each line's status as work proceeds and things are ever-changing.