Resident Outreach Toolkit: Resources for Talking to Your Community About Inventory

Below are some resources that you can use to help as you engage with your community members about the service line inventory program.

We understand that communicating with your residents about your service line inventory comes with it's own set of challenges. They have questions. The word "lead" is scary. And it's important to educate and empower your community to participate in your inventory program, especially as you work through those customer-owned service line verifications. 

Social Media or Public Announcements

If you'd like to make an announcement on your utility website or your social media pages such as Facebook, here is a template that you can use. This is just merely a suggestion. Feel free to make it your own! 

Resident FAQ's

In the event that your public announcement or verification activities raise additional questions, you can provide your residents with this FAQ page going over basic questions about your inventory, including information on how to identify lead service lines. 

Resident Survey Letter

If you are utilizing resident surveys as part of your verification strategy, we understand that seeing the word "lead" can raise concerns with residents. We recommend pairing your survey with a letter providing additional context to your residents. We've put together a letter template that can be used here. Just plug in your utility information and distribute this to your community as you see fit! 

Comprehensive Communications Strategy

Finally, if you want to go in depth into communication and engaging with your community, we recommend downloading our Public Engagement Communications Lookbook. This resource dives into communication best practices and how 120Water can help with communication needs. It also explores the pivotal role of transparent, timely, and engaging communication in fostering a resilient partnership. 


We hope these resources provide value as you continue to build your service line inventory and engage with your community!