How can 120Water help with LCR compliance monitoring?

Maintain LCR compliance by automating kits, centralizing data, and using new tools for effective communication.

The 120Water Lead & Copper Rule (LCR) Compliance Monitoring program provides complete support to simplify your required sampling. Free up resources by easily sending and tracking kits through the 120Water platform, and gain insights and action items through our centralized dashboards. Communicate with relevant stakeholders immediately to remain compliant. For more information on how the process works, watch this short video. 

Program Implementation

  • Our team will collaborate with you to create a custom LCR sampling plan tailored to your specific sites and goals.
  • We implement the program and approved Tier sites into your 120Water software, including notifications, kits tracking and documentation.

Ongoing Management

  • 120Water handles all resident communications and coordinates details with the lab for each required sample. 
  • Outbound and inbound outreach, which could include phone calls, e-mails, texts, letters, etc. to your customers (five points of outreach are included with your testing kit purchase)
  • Your real-time dashboard enables clear visibility into sample status, results and compliance across all sites.
  • Regular progress reports from our regulatory specialists keep your team informed each step.

Compliance Reporting

  • We compile all results, forms and documentation required for submission to your primacy agency, as required.

Let 120Water fully manage your LCR sampling so you can focus on your mission of providing safe water. Our complete solution delivers regulatory confidence. Contact your 120Water representative to learn more.