How We Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

At 120Water, protecting your data is our top priority. We utilize industry-leading security safeguards and protocols across our entire platform and infrastructure.

Encryption & Network Security

  • All data transmission is encrypted end-to-end using TLS encryption.
  • Data at rest is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Our cloud environment uses private networking, restricting access to only authorized endpoints.

Stringent Access Controls

  • Access is restricted only to authorized users, following least-privilege and need-to-know standards.
  • Role-based access control ensures users only see relevant data.
  • Passwords are securely hashed and authorization tokens have limited lifetimes.

Proactive Monitoring & Testing

  • New code is rigorously reviewed and tested prior to release.
  • Independent audits and penetration testing are conducted annually.
  • Continuous scans monitor systems for vulnerabilities.

Reliable Backup & Recovery

  • Databases are replicated in real-time to prevent data loss.
  • Data is regularly backed up and retained for multiple weeks.
  • Detailed disaster recovery protocols can restore service rapidly.

By leveraging leading cloud platforms and security best practices, we give you the highest levels of protection, availability and integrity for your critical data. Your data is safe with us.