How do I verify a service line in my 120Water account?

In this article, we will walk you through how to find a location, locate it's assets, and update the classification of the service line.

At 120Water, we can not overstate the importance of ongoing service line verification and reducing unknowns. Maintaining this data in real time in the platform will not only ensure you have an accurate system of record, but ensures you're able to respond to customer requests appropriately and sets up your replacement program for success. 

Below you will find short video, along with a step by step guide walking you through the process within the 120Water Platform.

We each learn in different ways! In addition to the video, if you prefer a step by step guide walking you through the process of verifying a service line, please see below. Click "Get Started" to begin the guide. If you'd like to expand the guide and open it in another  browser tab, click the Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 6.58.38 AM icon beneath the "Get Started" button. 

💡120Water pro-tips for verification:

  • Remember, the minimum fields required for successful verification are the following: Material, Verification, Verified By, and Verification Date.  
  • Even if not required, uploading pictures or other documentation to backup the service line material classification is recommended. 
  • If you determine your service line is non-lead, but don't have details on the material type just yet, select "Non-Lead - Other" in the platform. This is a good catch call category. 
  • The verification process is the same in the platform for system-owned, customer-owned, and fittings.