How to submit your inventory for AZ, DE, GA, IN and OR

These states have chosen to use the 120Water platform to receive their submissions. This article will walk you through this process.

If your state has chosen to use 120Water's State Portal to receive service line inventories, congratulations! This makes the process very seamless for your water system. Your inventory will be pulled into the platform's State Reporting tab, and you'll submit directly from there. 

Watch the video below to see how!


💡120Water Pro Tips:

  • To ensure your submission is accepted by your state, make sure to address any validation errors associated with your service line data. 
  • Depending on which state you are submitting in, different data and additional information may be required. 
  • You will receive e-mail and in-app notifications once the state has reviewed, approved, or rejected your inventory. 
  • CELEBRATE once you hit that submit button! You accomplished a great thing in service to your community. Pat yourself on the back!