How to Streamline Your State Inventory Export with 120Water's State Template Mapping Tool

This article provides a step-by-step guide to exporting and mapping your inventory data into your state primacy agency's template.

The state template mapping tool in the 120Water platform makes it easy to export your service line inventory data and map the fields to your state's required template format.

💡 What does data mapping mean? Data mapping is about making sure that data from one place fits neatly into another, kind of like fitting puzzle pieces together so everything makes sense. In our case, it's about matching up the data we have in our system with what your state needs, so your submission is complete and accurate.

Below is a short video walking you through this process, along with step-by-step instructions. 


Follow these steps:

  1. Review Inventory for Accuracy: Navigate to the the State Reporting tab and review your inventory to ensure everything is complete and accurate before submission.
  2. Export Your Inventory: Click the "Export Inventory" button. You'll be prompted to provide details like your digital signature, name, contact information, and verification statements. You'll then hit the "Submit" button. 
  3. Data Transformation: Behind the scenes, 120Water will prepare your inventory data and processing the export. This export may take a couple of minutes to complete. 
  4. Access the Mapping Tool: Once the data transformation is complete, you'll see the new export file under "Exports." Click the download button to launch the mapping tool.
  5. Map Your Fields: The mapping tool allows you to map fields from your 120Water inventory to the corresponding fields required by your state template. 120Water provides default mappings, but you can customize as needed. In addition to mapping field columns, you can map specific values to their required state values if needed. The video above outlines an example of this when discussing mapping values for sensitive populations. 
  6. Review the Preview: Preview how your data will appear in the export file based on your field mappings. You can make final edits directly in the mapping tool before finalizing.
  7. Complete the Export: Once you've verified everything, complete the export process. Your data will export to a .csv file adhering to your state's template requirements.
  8. Final Formatting: If your state requires an Excel file instead of a .csv, simply copy and paste the exported data into their provided Excel template.

This powerful mapping tool ensures your inventory submission to the state agency will be complete, accurate and formatted correctly per their requirements. Contact if you have any questions.